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Along the prefectural road from Hitoyoshi City to Yamae Village, you will find rural scenery that symbolizes the richness of the Hitoyoshi Basin. 'Homare-no-tsuyu' is brewed in a cellar along this road on the outskirts of Hitoyoshi City. There are many brands of Kuma shochu called "no tsuyu" so named after the drippings that fall from the shochu distiller. Among them, 'Homare-no-tsuyu' is a shochu with an old-fashioned yet profound taste.
About 20 years ago, the cellar was refurbished with an awareness of traditional handcrafting. 'Homare-no-tsuyu' is a hand-crafted shochu that does not use machines. We are also particular about using rice from Kuma. If you drink our shochu directly, without diluting it with water or hot water, the rich original taste that Kuma shochu has will stand out.

Toki-no-fuin Kohaku

This shochu was initially made to be exported overseas, especially to France. It is blended by aging shochu, distilled under reduced-pressure, in oak or sherry barrels. Kuma Shochu is traditionally sold with an alcohol content of 25%, but 'Toki-no-fuin Kohaku' has a little higher content at 30%, in line with western markets whose customers prefer a higher alcohol content. It has a long maturation period of 10 years, and the simple label with the image of the flow of a river was also designed with the French market in mind. As intended, the shochu received excellent results at a French competition in 2021, which led to inquiries from domestic alcohol retailers, so now this shochu is available in Japan as well.
The sweet flavor and aroma will fill your mouth when you drink it "on the rocks" as the shochu slowly melts over large, crystal ice cubes.