Future Prospects for
Kuma Shochu

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The Future of Kuma Shochu
~Fukano-shuzo from now on~

Shochu making begins with a process called seikiku. Seikiku is the process of applying tane koji (seed koji) to steamed rice and propagating the koji fungi. The most important factors here are temperature and humidity control. This is where Mr. Yui takes the most care. Fukano Distillery uses both mechanical and manual methods, but the 'Homare-no-tsuyu' displayed at this exhibition is also made by hand.

In 2021, 'Homare-no-tsuyu' was awarded the Platinum Prize, the highest prize, and 'Toki-no-fuin   Kohaku' was awarded the Gold Prize, the second highest, at the Kura Master, a sake and shochu competition held in France. Both awards are great, but Mr. Yui had a special pleasure. With a big smile on his face, he said, "I was happy that 'Homare-no-tsuyu', which I dared to stick to the traditional handmade method, received the highest evaluation."  At the same time he added "I realized that it is important to make the best shochu we can at this distillery right now, without being overly conscious of the evaluation."